Thorax Teardrops


25 per bag
These tungsten bodies are best used as a thorax on nymphs where you don't want a bead on the front of a dressed fly. They add alot of weight while still keeping a nice slim profile. Perfect for Pheasant tail nymphs or even hidden under dubbing and body materials for other types of flies

 2.4mm best for hook sizes 16 to 14

2.7mm best for hook sizes 14 to 12

3.2mm best for hook sizes 12 to 10

3.6mm best for hook sizes 10 to 6

Easy to fit on to hooks due to slotted design

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Small - 2.7 mm $10.00 add to cart
Medium - 3.2 mm $11.00 add to cart
Large - 3.6 mm $12.50 add to cart

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