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Perfect Collection

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Perfect Collection

We are offering here a huge range of quality Nymphs, Emergers and Drys. You will receive a total of 100 flys,

Experienced people will be interested as they will recognize immediately the range and price is excellent.
For learners there is a list describing the flys on each row and a basic method of fishing them.
The flys will all be arranged neatly in a slotted foam flybox. The flybox is yours FREE!
This is also the perfect gift for any person interested in FlyFishing

The flys you will receive include
*A range of Pheasant tail Nymphs. These imitate the mayfly nymph. Generally used in rivers however also successful if dropped in front of a fish cruising a lake edge. (20)
*Hare and Copper nymphs, a general nymph pattern again deadly. The larger sizes are better early in the season. As an idea tie a bead nymph on the end of your leader, then add 2 of tippet to the hook on the 1st nymph and tie a 2nd unweighted nymph to the end of the 2nd piece of tippet. (20)
* A range of Caddis nymphs (10)
* Black Gnat and Copper John (10)
* Emergers, a range of Para Adams, Blue Dun Paras and Klinkhammers. When the fish are starting to rise in the ripples of the river and the pool below, go to this pattern, I fish larger sizes early in the season and as the season progresses I will drop down in size (10)
* Caddis Emergers. Generally fished later in the evening (5)
* Sedge Patterns. Fish at night, cast across stream and let the fly drift around below you. Great fun! (5)
* A selection of Mayflys. If you see them drifting on the surface, swap to this pattern (10)
* Stillwater - Waterboatman, Midge, Damselfly, Black & P (10)


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